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Female Rock Vocalist Seeks Band

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I'm Melinda , I'm 24 , I've Been Singing Ever Since I Can Remember , I Want To Do A Cover / Original Band , I Want 1 drummer , 2 Or 3 Guitarist ( Lead & Rythem Or Just Lead , Rythem & Also A Bassist ) Keys / Synth , Either Some One In The Band Must Bee Able To Sing Backup's On Certain Songs Or I Can Look For A Male Vocalist , There's Alot Of Influances , Just Ask When You E-Mail Me & I'll Give You In A Few Weeks My Facebook & Youtube Links , Here's My E-Mail ~ edited by ddp & Here's My E-Mail To Send Me Your Music ~ edited by ddp & I'm Basically Looking For A Band Or Bandmates In The Wilkes-Barre Area

Rock On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ,
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no email posting as per forum rules, post edited.
You may have better luck placing an AD in the local newspaper.

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