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anyone have a panaonic dmp-bd75? -I can't get divx to work

when I was at the store I came across this player that was super cheap and I did a quick search and I saw that it plays divx files from the usb drive so I bought it. I have tried a few different files and different usb sticks and none worked. It also says mkv files work so I converted a file to mkv and put it on usb, it looked like it was going to work but it only loaded about a quarter of the way so after a while I gave up. It did play mp3 from the usb drive but that's all I could get to work. I was really hoping I could load all of my backups on my hdd and be able to watch videos straight from that on the bluray player. <Hopefuly dlna works like it says.>
Maybe I'm missing something or does anyone else have this problem? If you know how to get the player to play the movies from usb please let me know!
It sounded like you can do alot with this cheap little player but I'm just not seeing it (or doing it right)
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