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Samsung BD-D5200 player and Allshare

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I am new here, hope anyone could help me on this one.

I have my laptop connected to Thomson broadband-router with an ethernet cable and Samsung BD-D5100 blu-ray player also connected to Thomson with an ethernet cable. The blu-ray player is connected to TV with a HDMI cable. Samsung Allshare-software is installed to my pc.

I have tried to find a way to control shared video, pictures and music on my pc with blu-ray remote control and tried to have them showed in my TV but no luck. The pc "sees" the blu-ray player and its ip-address so everything should be ok, or is it? I also turned off the firewall from my pc but no help. Tried to find instructions how this could be done but no luck.

Any suggestions? From Samsung website I could not even find wether this Blu-ray player supports Allshare or not.

Would appreciate any kind of help i.e. people who has solved this problem. And no, my laptop does not have a HDMI interface
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