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Sony Blu Ray Player, External hard drive

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To anyone who can help me, I have a new Sony blu Ray Player and play regularly films on it from my external hard drive. Recently I bought a new drive, Spaceloop 320 GB by CnMemory, but problem is the player does not recognise the drive.

Can anyone tell me why ? or if the problem can be solved?

Thanks to all
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First check to see if you have the latest firmware update (if not, apply the update then):

See whether or not the drive is formatted to either FAT32 or NTFS.
Go to My Computer ->right click on your drive ->click properties ->and it should be listed under File System.

Which model do you have? Most of the newer Sony BD Players support both FAT32 and NTFS, but depending on which model you have, yours might only support FAT32.

If you need to format (make sure to backup your files on the drive before you do):
Go to My Computer ->right click on your drive ->click Format ->Under file system click FAT3D, make sure 'Quick Format' is NOT selected ->then click Start.

It might be the HDD itself is not supported, not all drives will work.

I have the BDP-S580 and it works fine with my WD Passport USB 3.0, NTFS formatted.


Thanks for your suggestions, I tried each one of them:
1. New Update
2. Reformating NTFS and FAT32

I think I have as you say an older BluRay (BDP-S373) and that it just does not support the external hard drive.

It is a shame but thats life, if you have any other suggest would be glad to hear them, otherwise, extrem thnks.
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