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Bad HDMI port on Samsung LCD?

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To make a long story short, I got AT&T U-Verse recently and the DVR was connected to my Samsung LN46A850 via component when the guy came out and hooked it all up. After a couple of days, I dug out a spare HDMI cable I had and swapped out the component cable for this. It wasn't too long after this I noticed that the DVR remote was only working intermittently and if I wanted it to work every time, I had to get within about 5 inches of the receiver.

My first thought was the batteries, but in the end, I found the problem to appear to be the HDMI port I was using on my TV. When I plugged it into another, everything went back to working fine. The port I was using is the one I've always had my Xbox 360 hooked up to and never had a problem.

Needless to say, I'm leaving the DVR hooked up in this 'new' port, but I'm just wondering if anyone here has ever heard or seen anything like this? No other problems were present with the new TV service...just the remote issue.

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I have 4 HDMI ports on my LG Plasma 60PG60. When my SA 8300HD PVR is used on any HDMI port I don't have any problems. But when I hook up my PS3 slim to ports 1 or 2 I get static and flickering on screen. Ports 3 and 4 using the same HDMI cable no problems. Not sure if I should call for service since I'm using medium to cheap HDMI cable. Trying to determine if it might be the PS3.
For those interested, I found some relevant information on AT&T's forum.

I have somewhat similar problem.

just bought a samsung 610 46'' lcd TV Motorola HD cable box connected to HDMI/DVI input 1 on tv. was working fine out of the box, but this am (only 1 day later), tv said HDMI signal was weak - was showing as (720x480) 60hz instead of the usual hi-res signal. screen shows picture for about 3 secs and then goes black.

i tried other hdmi inputs on the tv and video works fine, but no audio because i am using an hdmi/dvi cable and the audio and those hdmi inputs are not connected. is this a software issue on the tv, or do i have a bad hdmi input? seems like the cable and cable box should be fine, because the hdmi video worked on one of the other hdmi inputs. i can still take back to store, but would prefer to fix to avoid hassle.

any thoughts?
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