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How can I connect my HDTV to my computer?

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I'm trying to connect my HDTV to my computer to use as a second monitor. The HDTV is a Westinghouse 32" LCD (Widescreen LCD TV LTV-32W1). I've connected it to my computer using a DVI cable. Each end of the DVI cable is a male connector, one that plugs in to my video card (NVIDIA 9500GS) and one that plugs into the back of my TV. Every time I try to set up multiple monitor display, my computer's monitor goes black and says "PC resolution out of range, please set to recommended setting of 1280 x 1024 @ 60 Hz). This is the resolution my monitor has always been in. It is my understanding that the resolution of a 32" 720p tv is 1280 x 720, fully within my PC resolution's range. My TV says "no signal" though my DVI is securely plugged in.

What am I doing wrong? How do I enable the DVI port so I can connect to the HDTV as a monitor? My computer monitor is being connected by VGA. How can I make this work?
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Try to extend your desktop and then you can set different resolution to every monitor.

Alternatives - alternatives directory and dictionary.
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