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maybe lightning hit my tv

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its been a while since this happened but i would like it fixed. i had my tv(mitsubishi wd 52525 52" dlp)hooked up to my computer(hp slimline s7700n) via vga terminals. i am guessing lightning hit the computer, the computer was on during a storm, but hooked up to the tv(tv was off). Anyways what i think happened the lightning ran through the computer, because i had to have the monitor replaced under warranty, and hit the tv through the cables, because the next time i went to use the tv in pc mode first it had a blue screen with sound and then tried it again and no sound and a blue screen and says no signal. when i felt the pc input it was pretty warm, not burn your finger off hot, but wow why is that like that. i was wondering if anyone has had this happen and what had to be done to fix it, is it the whole pc input board for the tv or maybe just a fuse or capacitor. thanks
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sounds like a adventure...

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doesn't sound cheap!
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port hot.. means too much current going somewhere.. it's fried and YOU will not be able to repair it.. I can tell you that right now..

take it to a competent qualified repairer.. and be ready to have bad news or pay a LOT!!

I don't usually bother with lightning damaged tv sets any more.. not after replacing 62 transistors.. a mains transformer.. various caps and resistors.. a tuner.. and some odd bits and bobs.. mains cable and plug and aerial socket.. (and 4 hours fighting with the pig of a non-pal decoder.. open circuit cap after all that) on a Mitsubishi ct200 that had been in a house that was hit.. Cost was more in the end than a replacement.. and the blue gun was never quite right after all that..
I ended up being given the set.. because the owner decided after first agreeing.. that he would just buy a modern one with a remote and teletext and stuff.. but I bet unlike the mitsu the replacement isn't still going strong.. hahahaha

moral of the tale.. there will be a whole heap of fried components in there.. not just one. It will probably cost as much if not more to get repaired as to replace with a good used one. (it's not just about the cost of the parts either.. somebody skilled will charge by the hour.. and we ain't cheap)

so choices.. bite the bullet and take it somewhere.. warn them it's probable power surge/lightning damage and make sure they give you a quote first.. or sell it on fleabay/craigslist as a "probably easy fix" with no info at all about it other than it doesn't work.
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thanks for the info the thing is the tv works perfect except for the pc vga port, everyother port on this tv works perfect, so thats why i was wondering if the pc board part in it could be replaced and if that would fix it. thanks
My suggestion: Write the bad port on the TV off. Don't use it, and don't fix it. Your money would be better spent on a converter. Convert your PC VGA into HDMI or Component and hook it up there.

Here is an example: Sale price: $74


Or, (may be cheaper), upgrade your video card in your PC to one that will output in HDMI.

This card has DVI and is $14
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