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Need to make my HDMI cable longer.

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So my situation is that I need to make my HDMI cable at least 2 feet longer to reach my BD Player/ Audio system. I already have a 50ft HDMI cable and read around the internet, where people say that 50ft is when the HDMI cable would start experiencing problems with video or audio output and quality loss. I checked on ebay and there's two different types of extension options for me. I was just wondering which one would should I buy where I would receive the least problems for extension of my cable.

There's this one:

Which I would have to use another HDMI cable to hook it up to the female end.


Where I would have to just hook it up to my system.

Any suggestions on which one would be the best?

Thanks in advance.
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If you are already at the 50 ft. limit, you risk signal degradation is you use ANY passive device.

Either of those adapters are just as good, AND just as bad.
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