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1- 4gb 5970 or 2- 2gb 5870 or 2- 480 ?

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I'm copying my original post from wsgf. This is for my gaming rig.

Currently I'm using an a single XFX hd5870 w/ 1gb, 3:1 eyefinity. I want to upgrade to get better performance. I'm not real tech savvy, so I'm coming to you guys for info.

I'm looking at getting 1 5970 w/ 4gb


2 5870's w/ 2gb each

Price wise, it'd be about the same. So which would you guys recommend and why, if I can ask.

Ultimately what I want is a 3D tri monitor setup. Right now I'm running ati / eyefinity. I was under the impression that nvidia surround was still fairly new and buggy, but one of the other members brought up the suggestion of dual 480's.

Now, doing so would be great as then I could also get in to 3D. So I got on to newegg and was looking at the specs. To me it appeared that the 4gb 5970 would still be better (performance-wise) then 480's in sli.

What do you guys think?

Here's my current setup.
I5 750 / Gigabyte P55-USB3 / 8 gig Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600 / Kingston 128 gig SSD / W.D. 640 gig sata / XFX HD 5870 / Asus Xonar D2X / Corsair 750 TX p.s. / 3 - Samsung P2450 / Logitech Z5500

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Definitely not the 4GB HD5970. I bought one of those and it was DOA. The replacement was also DOA. They're terribly made.
3D Surround is inferior to Eyefinity in my opinion, but it depends which games you play.
I personally would try and go for two 2GB HD5870s (your best bet is the eyefinity 6 cards - you may not need all the connectors, but the eyefinity6 cards are reference design, and will be much more reliable than the Vapor-X and so on that other partners are producing) or failing that, just get another 1GB 5870 to add to your current card. That would work for all except higher AA levels.
3D Gaming is still a bit of a farse, and in my opinion, isn't worth spending money on (remember you need to replace your monitors to be able to get 3D, in addition to buying the glasses).

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