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PCI DVB-T Tuner for dual tuner Windows 7 system...?

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Hi, I've been very happy with my Evexham ebox, but wanted to upgrade to Windows 7.

A few bugs have been fixed, but I can't get windows 7 to run the two PCI DVB-T cards (Black-Gold). It will recognise one, but try as I might the second will not start on second boot.

Any reccomendations for a Windows 7 compatible PCI DVB-T would be greatly appreciated - I plan to buy two and get back to the capabilities of the old system with the new sparkly O/S.

Thanks for the help!

PS My PCIe slot has the graphics card in it, so a dual PCIe Tuner is out of the question unless I start really mucking about...
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I don't know if it's relevant - I'm in North America where the standard is ATSC - but I use Windows 7 and Windows Media Centre to record OTA.
I had installed a second tuner card, but WMC only recognized two tuners on the new card and ignored the third tuner on my older card.
I found the free version of 'TunerSalad' and increased the the tuners to '8' then rescanned in WMC and I could then select three recordings at the same time.
The program has selections for various countries so it may be DVB friendly.
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