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Please help me choose a graphics card

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Hey everyone,

I am trying to find a new graphics card for my computer. I do not need anything that is ridiculous for gaming, as the only games I really play are Fable and Final Fantasy 7 (using HD mods). This is mostly a Media Center PC: I have a CableCard TV Tuner to watch and record TV, and I also do a lot of video editing and rendering. My main focus is noise; as this is a HTPC, I would prefer a very quiet card (and one that runs cool), and the one I have now is anything but that. I also need something with both DVI and HDMI outputs (although I don't think they make anything without those 2 anymore). Budget-wise, I would like to keep it under $150.

My PC Specs are:

Intel Core i7 2600K
Corsair Hydro H80 Liquid CPU Cooler
8GB DDR3 Ram
60GB SSD for OS/Programs
1TB WD HDD and 2TB SeaGate HDD for storage, both 7200RPM

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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What resolution is your monitor? Best place to start would be here, anyway:,3107-3.html
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Both my 23" monitor and 42" TV are set to 1920x1080.

I actually ended up going with the ASUS Radeon 7750HD.

Thanks, though!
I have just made myself a new pc recently to replace my dual core with a quad core. Alot of the components in the old system i was happy with but decided to sell and start fresh.I was the same not to bothered about gaming graphics so i went for MSI Radeon HD 7750 2048MB GDDR3 PCI-Express Graphics Card excellent value for the money i spent and although i play console thought i would test pc games on it and it handles very good for the price.

AMD A10-5800k APU,GIGABYTE GA-F2A85X-D3H Motherboard, Corsair 300r Case, 500CX Corsair PSU,XFX 7850 2GB GDDR5
8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3,SanDisk 128GB SSD,2x2TB Seagate, 1x1TB Samsung HD, Pioneer BDR-208EBK, iHAS122-C, iHAS124-B,
Asus V273HL 27inch Monitor,Creative A320 2.1 Speakers, Windows 7 64bit
I personally like nVidia more then Radeon, but it's all about what you want really.

I've got the nVidia GeForce 640 with 2GB of dedicated memory, and it runs really well, I got it for $129 I believe. Now it's only $89.99, here's a link to the card:

Video Card

My buddy does a lot of video editing, and we just got him a GeForce 650 Ti with 2GB Memory, and he loves it! But that one will be more expensive then the 640, but it's still a great card!


This card is small, quiet, and requires less power than the 550 ti. Also you'll get Assassins Creed III bundled with the amazon link.
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