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Video Card Upgrading NVIDIA Geforce 8600

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I'm looking to upgrade my video card as it's pretty old now and need something better. I play alot of Starcraft 2 and feel quite boss getting 175 frames a second on low lol. I made the switch to medium and its playable until mid battle and I'm sitting at a slide show presentation :(
I have an old but still strong Q6600 at 3ghz per core. 4gb of ddr2 ram and 1tb of hard drive space. I'm wondering what a good video card is 0-100 to get to at least play medium without this issue.
Also lol a card that can handle some anti aliasing. For example doom 3 plays perfect, but with
anti aliasing on at all its just another slide show.


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what is your budget? i presume you have a pci/e 16 slot?
yes. My budget is 100-to say 120 let me know whats good :)

what about my 2nd part of my question?
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