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Want to upgrade...any advice

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I am really getting into photo and video editing. Mostly video editing and encoding though. I have around $600 to play with and am looking to upgrade my current system.

Currently I am running Windows 7 Ultimate
I have a 64 gb solid state drive as my OS drive and is where all my programs are installed
I have an Intel Core I-5 cpu 750 @ 267 GHz 2668 MHz 4 cores 4 processors
I have 4 gb of RAM
All of my other HDD's are all Sata drives and or USB external drives
(Would it be better to work my video and photo projects off a SSD drives instead of Sata drive)

My question is what would be the best bang for my buck as far as upgrading this setup into something much better for video processing? Mainly I would like my video encoding times to be reduced. I'm guessing that would envolve a better cpu but I'm just not sure.

Thanks for any input
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You need to list your mobo, RAM speed, PSU, GPU too.

how about keyboard and mouse...??
eridesktop, why?
Sorry about the delayed responce. I've been out of town working.

To Ripper

I have a
P7P55D (ASUS) Motherboard.

I'm not sure on how to find the ram speed.. Anyway here is a screen shot ot my "system information" according to Windows 7

Not sure about PSU and GPU

I'll give any other info just let me know how to find the correct info

To eridesktop
Not sure why it's revelant but I have a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse (not a combo set)

Thanks for your time
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download and run a program called will give you all your system info.
Here is what I get from siw





what videocard do you have & how much ram on it? windows on ssd & programs\data on sata hd. get more ram, either 2x2gig or 4x4gig.
Here are my video card specs

I have a 64gb ssd drive that windows is installed on but all my other data is on Sata drives

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