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Can i change the imei on iphone to match my net10?

I'm doing some work on someones computer and as payment they have an 8gb iphone (they just upgraded to a 16gb) they want to give me. My carrier is currently Net10 which i have heard uses AT&T network. I know net10 sim cards are married to the phone they are activated with so you cant just switch the sim to a different phone and have it work. Im curious if i can just change the IMEI of the iphone to match the IMEI of my current working Net10 phone and then put that sim in the iphone. I imagine if it does work i would still need to put the sim back into the net10 phone to activate my prepaid minutes when purchased but that doesnt bother me. I just want to use the iphone on the net10 network, but i dont want to get the phone and then find it is useless to me.
Also im not sure which model it is but i can find out if that is needed.

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