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Help Jailbreaking iphone 4 6.0

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Im trying to jailbreak the Verizon Iphone 4 running 6.0, Using the latest RedSnow.

Following the process by (redsnow,youtube). Seems I cant get the iphone to go into DFU mode, The phone will either boot back like normal and redsnow says waiting for reboot, if I let the home button go.
If I keep holding the home button I get the usb communication error which gives me the symbol like its connected to Itunes.
Ive tried using My windows 7 desktop, also tried my windows vista laptop.
Itunes vs 10.7

Thanks for any help on this!
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I would suggest just updating to 6.1 iOS, and use the new tool Evasi0n to give you an untethered jailbreak. Don't always have to connect it when rebooting it!

See how that works out for ya!

I'd also use evasi0n to jailbreak if I were in your place. Here is a quick guide on how to jailbreak iPhone running iOS 6 via evasi0n
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