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Help To Unlock iPhone 3GS

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I have an iPhone 3GS that needs to be unlocked. It is currently on the Orange network and i need it to work on Vodafone. I have contacted Orange to get it unlocked and i am getting nowhere so need help.

I want to simply unlock the phone but on reading things about this on Google people are talking about jailbreaking. My problem is (and i may have read this wrong) that you cannot simply update the phone if its jail broken and it is going to be a young teenager that will be using the phone so i need the phone to work as simply as possible.

Anyway, can someone advise how i can get the phone unlocked to work on Vodafone and be able to update the phone without any issues when required.

Your assistance is greatly appreciatted. Thanks in advance.
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It looks like Orange does this for free now, I guess they werent doing it at the time when you posted. May be worth trying again now.

You can unlock your iPhone for free using an unlock form on the network providers website, the links are quite hard to find, probably for obvious reasons, they dont want you to leave them.

Go to this site and scroll down to the bit near the bottom that says iPhone unlocking

iphone repair plymouth

I done it for my phone, after you fill in the form you get a txt message back after a while saying its been unlocked.
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You need to post:
What version of iOS your 3GS is running
What baseband firmware version it is running (Settings -> General -> About -> Modem firmware)
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