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mp3 files corrupted after transfer from an app from Cydia to PC

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Okay so i have an unserviced iPhone 4 (use as an iTouch) and it is jailbroken. I downloaded an app from Cydia and started downloading songs from Pandora. To get the song files(mp3) from the iPhone i used a program called WinSCP and everything was going smooth, so i thought. I tried opening the mp3 in iTunes, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, and Quicktime but all resulted saying that they could not recogonize the mp3 file :( My goal is to have the files accessible to my computer as if i simply downloaded them... If anybody could help THANK YOU!!!
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Can you still see/play the songs on your iPhone? Are they located within your Music app?
Originally posted by hanoobal:
Can you still see/play the songs on your iPhone? Are they located within your Music app?
Yes, well sort of, they are in the app i used to download from pandora and are able to be played through that app as well, but are not located in the music app, the issue is when i transfer those mp3 files to the PC, they appear as "corrupted" in programs like, itunes, quicktime, windowsmediaplayer,realplayer, etc. In the iphone downloading app, they work just fine. lol... wierd
It could be a bug on the side of the WinSCP app you used. Check their website for latest updates and bugfixes (I can see the program itself is open source and there are new update available). Then try again to transfer the songs from your iPhone to your PC.
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