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Seraching for network/no service please help

Hey all
Friend got iphone 3gs 32g second hand but there has been a problem it cant find network singal. The iphone had 5.1 firware and baseband 06.15.00 jailbroken had ultrasnow installed but the phone didnt unlock or still couldnt get a singal.

So i downgrade the firware to 4.2.1 by
frist downloading fw 4.2.1
ran tinyumbrella 5.01 Tss server( did this as i found it stoped any errors happing)
put iphone in duf mood
open itunes, itunes went to restore holded shift button and clicked restore ( no problems)
Iphone restored and went to emergency mode ( so need activation)
put iphone in duf mood
Ran greenpois0n firist ( did this to for hackactivation iphone and think makes untethered)
put iphone in duf mood
ran Redsnow 0.9.9b 8 ( open as admin)
enter to extra screen
select IPSW fw 4.2.1
enter jailbreak put iphone in duf mood
Iphone restarts it is hackactivated and runing cydia
Run cydia eneter manage, sources , reppo66 and intstall ultrasnow
ultrasnow has unlocked phone
if you toggle with the airplane mode, turn on airplane mode with sim in then take sim out turn airplane off and instert sim the iphone reconigised the carrier
But cant find network keeps seraching
if you turn the 3g funition off it will go to No service

i am in ireland the iphone has picked up the two sims i put in 02 and vodafone they both show up as a carrier but no network

please if any one can help me please to get network
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