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Someone who is extremely smart with iPhones... please help!

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I have an iphone 4S which I purchased under contract with T-mobile Germany (Telekom-DE) in June of 2012.

I was living in Germany at the time, with no plans to leave, so I thought the 24 month contract would be fine.

Well, I was forced to transfer jobs back to the United States, and rather than pay out my account, I decided to stop payment by closing my bank account. Shady I know, but the only other option was to pay 50 euros/month for the remaining 18 months on the contract.

So now I have an iphone that is locked to T-mobile Germany, which is virtually useless aside from WIFI capabilities. I have tried putting a T-mobile USA SIM card in, but it does not recognize it as a valid carrier. I cant seem to find any web-based services that will unlock my phone, but I know there has to be someone smart out there that can help me!

Any advice you can provide would be so appreciated. I will even bake you cookies and send them to you. Any other proposals you have for my repaying you will also be entertained!

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websites are probably scams most of them way to unlock it would be a local mobile phone repair shop or an asian phone shop most should be able to unlock it for a fee.

also about your contract with T-mobile germany they should have an exit fee to get out of the plan.They might even unlock the phone for you if you pay that exit fee and cancel the plan.

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Actually i wouldn't use that idea see t-mobile no matter what likes to product rig there devices to there services and what sucks even more if you try to get out of the contract they will just turn you into collections to still get there money even if you canceled it you will be better off just not going back to t-mobile go to verizon or even at&t or someone else t-mobile is a tired dog about to be put down
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