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Unlock iphone4 network ?

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Hi i have a iphone4 not iphone4s on contract from orange, we recently moved addressed which just happens to be in the country side so we get a very weak signal and wish to try other networks. Orange will not give us the unlock code until contract ends which is in a about a year so therefor it leaves me with a phone i can not use.

I wish to unlock it so that i can use it again with maybe o2 as i seem to get a better signal with them on my old android hero.I'm fully aware that i'll still have to pay my contract and for pay as you go but at least my phone will work again

Is there a site that is real to unlock it ?, i have seen many sites that seem to be scams, i have tried to jail brake but apparently SAM unlocker don't work anymore or something. I tried one site on my old hero and it worked but sadly they don't do iphones.

Can any one recommend me a method to unlock the network which don't cost a bomb please, i was thinking about taking it to a market stall but so many take the phone and run.

edit its now blocked so i have to unlock it, i disagreed on paying for a phone which has no signal.
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any one ?
still in need off help
surly its possible to unlock a Iphone4 ?
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