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Unlock Iphone 4s (Rogers Wireless) to UK Three netwok

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Hi Guys

My mate sold me a phone (his brothers phone). He has just come to England from Cananda where he has been for a few years. He had a Iphone 4s which is locked to Roger Wireles network. I thought it would be ok to use in England, but it is not.

I took it to a dodgy asian guy who told me it could not be unlocked and that he would buy it from me. I thought that was a bit strange.

Anyway. I have Jailbroken the phone, installed Cydia and then Ulstrasnow and SAM.............. Can someone please one and for all let me know if this phone can be unlocked to the UK.

I know Roger Wireless block all phones out of contract, but this is fine as i want to use the phone in England and they cannot block a phone from Canada to England.

Please help


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have some patience as not even 24hrs between your 2 posts.
Anyone? lol :-)
hi there,

I happened to visit this forum while googling something else and saw this..I could not leave this question without answering as iPhone and all Apple things are so much interested to me.

the Aisan guy was right, as of now iPhone 4s cannot be "software" unlocked (there was some method with SAM and iTunes hack but closed by Apple immediately - it was alive only for 1 day or so). But the good news for you is that it can be unlocked using "R SIM 5" or "gevey SIM" method (somebody may tell you it is illegal but the new version does not involve any 112/911 dialing hence safe), provided your iOS version is 5.1.1 or below (iOS 6 cannot be unlocked by any means as of now). Also please not iPhone 4 (not 4s) with 4.11.8 band cannot be unlocked by any means, but as your is 4s you can try R SIM method.

R SIM detail: www gevey3 com/rsim5-use-e.htm (or search "gevey SIM" on google. Read all detail carefully, not all version support all iOS or modem firmware).

Once you familiar with the R SIM or gevey buy one cheap at eBay. I personally used R SIM (bought from eBay) and it was working fine (Mine is Canada Bell locked)... now I am using SAM iTune method (which cannot be done now). On eBay please buy it from a reputed seller, look his feedback..

also check this blog for such information, very good: idownloadblog [dot] com
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Hi Mate

Thank you very much for your post.

This is very helpful.

I am looking on ebay and cant decide whether to go for an expensive once or not, they range from 6.99 to 15.99, lol :-)

I really hope this works.


I wouldnt suggest buying an r sim because they are pain in the ass. Once you update to a newer version your iphone will be locked again. I would suggest that you perform a factory unlock to your iphone. If you are interested send me a PM.
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