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Unlock needed Iphone 4 Telus and Apple kee passing the buck

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Im trying to help my sons girlfriend unlock her iphone 4

She got burned buying it from a person who assured her it was on rogers
but in fact its telus .

Shes been to Telus and Apple and they keep passing the buck one saying
its the others job to do it

Paying for it and doing it legit is not an issue ,but it appears we need
an alternative way to do this , unless one can advise on how to convince
telus or apple to do it .

Im googling on how to do this myself , but doing so gives me concerns Ie:
damaging the phone , getting ripped off by something that doesnt work and
giving some random site my credit card info

Can someone please advise further on how to get this task done ?

PS Im in Canada
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I can do yours for 80$ via PayPal. 100% legit . Factory Unlock. Contact me I will send you a PayPal invoice and you'll need to include your imei with the payment. If it doesn't work, you will be refund (it works 99% of time). After the unlock is done(1-2 days), you'll receive the instructions.
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