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a good browser for an iphone

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i recently got a new apple iphone4 and i want to use a different browser thats better than safari..are there better browers than safari..thanks..

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Hm, Safari seems to be best fit to operate in an iOS environment. At least IMHO. However, I also have Google Chrome installed on my iPhone. While Chrome's interface seems an improvement over the long-time unchanged Safari look, Chrome is slow to start on my iPhone compared to Saffari.
o ok thanks..
Top 10 iPhone Browser Apps:

3-Opera Mini Browser
10-Knowtilus Pro
Originally posted by benbernie:
o ok thanks..
You are welcome. I'd also add the mobile version of Opera. It becomes especially handy if you have bandwidth limits i.e. low amount of 3G data left, as among the rest of the browsers, the mobile version of Opera uses least data when loading sites.
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