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xbox 360 slims for sale

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hi guys, am selling xbox 360 slims all flashed to lt 3.0,unlocked pcb board replacement installed with lock and unlock switch like that you dont have to use alcohol or drill the pcb board in case you need update the flash version,live safe, no banned.i have more than 15 slims on hand at the moment,mw3 and star wars edition will be available for sale soon.
gears of war 3 limited edition 320 gb hd
halo reach limited edition 250 gb hd
regular black one 250 gb hd
also selling unlocked pcb boards new version 1.1,matrix freedom lite.
all of them flashed,previous tested.100% live safe,i accept paypal only,am from new york usa.i have a paypal account verified from dec 29 2004 a you can see below.

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Account Creation Date: Dec 29, 2004

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sorry, thanks.
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