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I just got a vhs/dvd combo, How can I copy commercial tapes that are restricted? Is there a way around it without doing it on computer? I don't have an s-video on computer.
I also had to hook up a seperate vhs because i can't have both running on combo. It will only let me run one at a time.
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You need a so called 'video stabilizer' on the video lead between the tape output and the DVD recorder input.
Note that not all commercial tapes had Macrovision protection (except Disney).

Here's an old thread.
Thanks for your help, I will see if I can find a video stabilizer.

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One here:

Before you buy: these things were sold at Radio Shack in the nineties.
Someone has one kicking around the house - I got mine by asking around.
Okey, I'll see what I can do. Thanks again
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