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Insert SD Card before using the Camera ????

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I get the following error when I open the camera on my tablet. "Insert SD Card before using the Camera"
It wont allow me take photographs until insert a sd card even though there is an internal card in the tablet already.
I have a Fusion5 tablet.10.1 running Jellybean 4,2,2. Internal 16GB memory,
The internal memory memory is split in to 2 partitions One of 0.98gb and one of 10.62gb. The downloaded apps are all in the 0.98 partition. It wont allow me to copy them to the bigger partition. The smaller partition dosent show up on my PC while the larger one does.
Also when downloading apps from the Play store I get the following message"Couldn't install on USB or storage or SD Card"
I have done a factory reset and re-downloaded all the apps again. In the settings I have "Protect SD Card" checked in Developer options.
Something has "blocked" the sd card.
Has anyone any ideas on how to fix the above problems?
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what is the purpose of the setting "protect sd card" you sure that setting doesn't make the card read only therefore writing to it will be blocked

add some more detail as to the specs of this tablet including what is the operating system it's using ,& when you mention memory unit what do you mean is it a hard drive or flash memory like a ssd this will help others answer where your issue lies

again check larger partition of 10.62gb isn't set to read only or it could be an administrative issue where you need admin rights,can the downloaded apps be manually transferred by copy paste or drag n drop

AD Guides: guides/
Console Mod Tuts:

Here is a link to the tablet I have.

I connected the Tablet to check the properties and the admin rights of the partition and when I right clicked for properties, Repair and scan drive came up, which I done. I checked everything on the tablet again and everything is back to normal.
Thanks scorpNZ for your help.
When you have the "Protect SD Card" checked in Developer options, apps that don't have permission to read external storage per default will return an error message or crash. I guess that's what your Camera app is exactly doing.

Simply disable the "Protect SD Card" and you should be fine.

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