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hi ive searched the forums looking for an answer to help but with no joy..i have recently bought my daughter a wee mid tablet for xmas and im trying to download some movies for ive put a couple of the torrent thingys on and ive tried s couple of sites but its just not happeneing for me!!on the first night i downloaded one to my laptop and managed to move it to the tablet but a few glasses of wine to the wind do you think i can remember how i did it?? the film that worked says avi after can someone give me a REALLY idiot guide to how to get downloaded movies on th tablet and what apps/downloads i need to make this happen and please dont assume i know anything cos sadly i dont! thought i knew abot lappys til i started this download malarkey!! lol merry xmas! x

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a wee mid tablet
What? Be more specific. Once I know what tablet it is, or what it is running, then we can see what file types it supports playback of and go from there.

hi i will try to help you with your download problem etc, firstly i am assuming that you are one of the many people that has purchased the mid 8850 7 inch tablet or also known as the eken w70. they are great tablets and costing just 65 pounds you really cannot go wrong, firstly the best way to get your films is by downloading them onto your pc or laptop using your favorite p2p or torrent software, remember to go for the avi files around 700MB in size so you don't eat up too much storage space on your tablet. next download and install the following apps from the play store onto your tablet: ES file explorer and BS player. start up ES file explorer and you will see at the top left of your screen :local: tap this and select lan from the drop down menu, then tap the new tab and tap scan, all laptops/computers on your network will show up on your tablet. next select the desired computer with the avi files on it go to the folder with the movies and you can copy them to your tablet wirelessly. the BS player is to play files such as mkv which can also be small in size, if you have a micro sd card reader you can also transfer your movies direct to the memory card via usb from your computer and just pop it back in to the tablet, use the android file browser to find the contents of the memory card and play them using BS player, i hope this helps.
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