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need help with an android tablet

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just got a used android tablet and its stuck on boot up screen think i need to reflash software but i am stuck any ideas are welcome cheers in advance
this is what it says on screen and it only turns on and off

factory data restoring ,please wait,,,,,

green android in the middle doing nothing

android tm os2.2
kernal 2.6.32
build number v1.3.0
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What tablet is it? Sounds fixable if you can get in to fastboot or a recovery of some sort - find out how to do this.

Originally posted by Ripper:
What tablet is it? Sounds fixable if you can get in to fastboot or a recovery of some sort - find out how to do this.
not sure one of these easy tablet 8 inch cheap ones cant find anything to helop
Well, a couple of things to try:

- Power off and then when turning it back on, hold down any miscellaneous buttons e.g. volume rocker etc while booting up. See if that boots you in to a fastboot/recovery menu.

- Take a look at this:

Set-up the Mini-SDK (or if you are familiar with Android and already have the SDK installed, then great). Connect the tablet via USB and open up a command prompt as Administrator in the sdk-tools folder. Use either command:

adb devices
fastboot devices

To see if the tablet is recognised. Hopefully it will be, and you can use any of these commands to try to boot into fastboot or recovery:

adb reboot recovery
adb reboot bootloader
fastboot reboot-bootloader

The idea is you should be able to reset the device from here and we can go from there if it won't boot.
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If none of the buttons are responding then your only option is to wait for battery to die, then reboot. It should work fine when rebooted. I used to have that problem all the time with my old Limited Edition iPod. I Regardless of the fact that mine was Apple and yours in Android, it is the same principal for all computers.
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