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Hi Folks,

Wondering can you help me regarding a question about netflix. I'm trying to find out the best media player/ player for netflix thats not so expensive. I don't have a ps3, xbox 360, or WII and i dont want to watch it on my computer or laptop:)

So im looking for the best player for netflix and the other question is i'm based in ireland and want to watch netflix usa. I have seen its possible but i havent found any detailed tutorials and i have to make sure the media player works with unblockus ect?

help please

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Thanks JST1946.

But I have seen this already. I am looking for personal recommondations of the best player for it and how to get netflix usa from ireland

I just use my 360, you can probably get for pretty cheap in the next few months, if Microsoft announces the Xbox 720 soon.

Actually, scratch that. Get a PS3 Slim when it's on sale, plus you have Blu-ray on it as well. If you got the 360, even if you already paid for Netflix, you will still have to pay for Xbox Gold Live Subscription, just to use it on your device. I wouldn't get the wii, since it won't play 720p or 1080p videos.

Better yet, get a bd player; this one would be perfect, I've been recommending it to a lot of new buyers:

I think any player capable of playing Netflix can use an unblocked account, although I'm not 100% sure on that. I'm thinking about doing the same thing here in Canada. The selection sucks compared to the US (2000+ movies in Canada, 20000+ in US).

Google is your friend for that:link

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