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.ogg? .mpc?

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I just got an album hoping it was mp3 but i forgot to look at it and when it finished downloading, i noticed that it was in a different format known as '.ogg'. To be quite honest i haven't really ever worked with any other format than mp3. Also with it i got another album which was in '.mpc', i have no idea what that is either. Can anybody help me out regarding what i should do with these, i was also hoping to put these in my ipod but that doesn't seem all that possible now, or does it?
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Paula_X Suspended account
dbpoweramp will convert them to mp3 .. and vlc will play them as they are. ogg is a good format, I release my music in lossy format using it (and flac for the HQ ones.. free open codecs FTW). Sounds better than mp3 for the same compression.
i found something called media monkey, its prety good supports everything even lets me burn or convert them
Paula_X Suspended account
same sort of thing.. could have listed heaps of free audio format conversion apps.. never bother because most people like the swiss army knife dbpoweramp.

now you should be able to cope with .ape files too.. useful.
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