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sumvision cyclone micro media player 2+

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Hi Peeps

This problem has baffled me so, I'm hoping there is somebody out who can help me..

I have the said media player now for the best part of a year and had no problems with it ,until now.
I had it connected to my LCD Tv via HDMI and was playing films and music of my
320gb external hard drive.
Now all of a sudden all I get is 'No signal' when its turned on? I try'd another HDMI cable still nothing. So I try'd the good av (red,white,yellow) cables and it works perfectly,albeit no as good quality,but why oh why won't it play through HDMI???? My HD freeview box work fine through same port on tv..

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If you have selected all the configurations then the only one left is the HDMI port on your Sumvision box!!!
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