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Serviio and allshare not connecting to the 2 router setup

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Hello, Im struggling since weeks to make serviio work on my TV (Samsung UE40ES6100) and I cant get it work.

First of all heres my network.

I have a main router (cisco 4200). In that router there are 2 pcs connected and a wire that goes in other room in a second router (belkin). From the belkin router is one pc connected and a few other wireless devices (TV, PS3 and the home cinema).
The connection type between the 2 routers are LAN to LAN (so I configured the second router -belkin- as an access point with IP
I can connect and surf the web on all my devices including the TV.
If I connect the TV dirrectly to my main router (cisco) allshare and serviio works fine but the problem is that the router is too far and I can get enough signal (thats why I came up with the second router) I dont want to switch the position of the 2 routers because I need them as they are now placed.

So heres the problem...
I start allshare and in the startup wizard it cannot find the TV but after closing and switching to the player control screen mode it finds the TV. The TV is meanwhile on and in the allshare application. If I hit to play something on the TV it stays a few seconds and an error is displayed on the TV screen "The selected file is not currently supported" this happened also if I switched off the firewall from eset smart security system.

So I guess its something from the connection of the 2 routers. Because as I told before, if I connect it directly to the first router (cisco) it works.

Before I accessed serviio from the source menu from the TV and I selected serviio or from the allshare application.

Now I cannot find the serviio nether the allshare logo in the source menu, so I cant access serviio at all.

On the serviio console the dot corresponding the IP address from the is green and I also set the profile to the "Samsung TV/player (C/D/E-series)"

I restarted the routers 100 times, I reconfigured the 2 router setup again and again and it still doesnt work. I dont know what else should I try.
I know it must work but its just a little thing to fix and I can;t figure it out. Maybe someone could give me a hint on that!

And Im not sure if I should leave UpNp "on" on the second router (belkin) if its working as an access point.

Thank You very much, and hoping Ill get an answer fast,
I wish You a Happy New Year and all the Best!
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does anybody have a clue??

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