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change mkv container to Avi

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hi everyone,

I've been an avid reader of this site for years, trying as much as possible to search for what i need as information, always great too.

But now i am having some difficulties to find a way to just change an mkv file with mp4 vid/aud in it into an avi.

how do i do this. i used a mkv demux, trying avi mux but there doesn't seem to be a connection.. i am missing something for sure.

please help

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Assuming this is for playback on a standalone player DVD player...
'Any Video Converter' (the free version - select Customize installation and don't check any of the boxes else you get a new toolbar).
Select 'Customized AVI Movie' output (defaults to XviD and mp3 audio).

You may want to let the conversion run for a few minutes then stop it and test the output for sync.
I find that I get better results by changing the A/V Sync setting from Basic to Default.
Thanks for the advise.
thank you for helping out attar.

more precisely, i wanted to repackaged the mkv as an avi for playback on a mediabox.

the mediabox is the Patriot Box Office.

thanks for the assistance.
Normally you set XviD for AVI for a standalone DVD player - but if the box allows, depending on the formats that the box will accept, you might be able to set the original video codec and resolution and the conversion goes faster.
Perhaps change the video bitrate to 2000 and change the audio to mp3 for avi.
Hi there,

The Any video convertr is realy cool and works a charm i use it for everything however i recently came across this program from the Afterdawn website called free Studio does all of what Any vdeo convertor does but its free.

Give it a shot

Free Studio

let us know how you go??

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Don't know about a media box but selecting x264 as the avi codec in AVC will return better quality.
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