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Confused about creating DVD with VOB & IFO files

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I'd like to burn a workout I have on my computer to a DVD. The files are broken into 2 folders, Video_TS and Audio_TS. Audio_TS is empty but Video_TS has 7 VOB files, 2 IFO files, and 2 BUP files. One of each type of file is named Video_TS.

I've scoured the forums and it was helpful but also confusing. I've downloaded a few programs that may or may not be of use to me. DVD Flick, ImgBurn, DVD Shrink, and Womble Easy DVD. The most successful DVD I burned was compressed in DVD Shrink and then burned with ImgBurn. No error message about content not valid but what I saw was a slow, choppy mess.

So, what I want to know is where I'm going wrong. I assume I need to use another program in this process. Can anyone help guide me through this? I'm sorry for the long winded post. I've been at this all afternoon and evening and it sucks. I'd appreciate any help you can give me.
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The general procedure is:
Rip the DVD to the HDD using the likes of DVDFab HD Decrypter.
This removes any protection.
You end up with the two folders that you describe.
Play the VIDEO_TS folder using a decent media player (VLC or MPC) and see if it's satisfactory.
If the content size doesn't fit on a standard blank, use DVD Shrink to save the output to a new folder on the HDD.
Play that content and verify that the quality suits you.
Burn that VIDEO_TS folder to a well regarded blank disk (that would be a Verbatim disk that has the 'AZO' logo somewhere on the package).
Run ImgBurn > 'Write files/folders to disc'.
Browse to or drag the VIDEO_TS folder onto the window and select a moderate burning speed.
Play the burned disk on the pc before playing it on a standalone unit.
Thanks for the response. I don't have the DVD itself. I only have the files on my PC. I downloaded DVDFab but it appears I can only open the DVD, not the file folders when using the HD Decrypter.

If I skip the first step, should I worry about the file protection? I play the files with Daum PotPlayer or KMPlayer on my laptop without any problems. Not sure if it has anything to do with file protection or not.

Should I skip the first and second steps since I've played the files and they are satisfactory?
Files that have been ripped from a DVD using good ripping software no longer have any protection.
As long as the files in the VIDEO_TS folder do not exceed the capacity of a standard blank DVD disk, burn the folder using ImgBurn - but you must use consistently reliable media.
Thanks so much! I guess the next step is tracking down Verbatim disks with AZO on the package. I was using Memorex DVD-R.
I'm in Canada and can get them at any Staples store.
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