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Huffyuv.avi trouble with Indexing FFMS2

Hello all of you.
I hope some one can help me, what i think might be a little problem, but creates a great trouble for me.

I have read "The Afterdawn Blu-Ray Encoding Tutorial".

So my tools is MakeMKV, MeGUIx64, Avisynth 2.5 / Avisynth x64. All running very fine on Windows 7 x64.

1. Ive used One-click encoder to encode some videofiles with x264 encoder and all went very well.
Then i've got curiouse about how to use AVS Scripts and the process that's been doing by One-Click Encoder. My project startet out fine, but now im getting stucked...

I have a .mkv file thats contain my video and sound track and the video is interlaced.
So i extractet the video and DeInterlaced it with an avs script and ended up with a .avi file in Hufyuv format.
This file will play and it seems to in good shape ( no errors).

The problem is that i cant get FFMS2 to index the Hufyuv.avi file. The Indexer simply runs for about 10 minutes and then it create and error (Process exits with error: 1).
So i dont get any new .ffindex file, for the further proces and then i'll get stuck.

Ive used Google for a solution, but apparently, i am the only one this problem.?!?
When One-Click dos the job, there is no problem at all. So im quite sure thats my tools are up to date and no components are missing.
So is there anyone who can tell me, what i am doing wrong in this proces?
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