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MPEG2 conversion not working on Panasonic TV TH-P65S20A

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Hi all,
Panasonic TH-P65S20A part of the Viera range. Wanting to convert AVI or MKV files to MPEG2.

I'm trying to get a working MPEG2 file to be recognised via a USB stick, to be played back on the TV.

Page 36 of the manual states the format:
"SD-Video Standard Ver. 1.2 [MPEG-2 (PS format)] and AVCHD Standard compatible files
with an audio format that is either MPEG-1/Layer-2 format or Dolby Digital format."

I've tried using AVS Video Convertor 8.1
But no good msg "No Media Detected".

JPG pictures work fine, but i can't get any Video.
Can't get multiAVCHD 4.1 to create a compatible file either.

Panasonic have told me verbally that MPEG2 files work, but they are not allowed to tell me any program that does work!

Anyone recommend a MPG2 convertor that conforms to their standard, or will work - without having to be a rocket scientist to do it? ;)
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Originally posted by attar:
This any help?
Hi attar,
Thanks for your reply. I 'think' i have seen that post before, but i'm trying to get the USB stick going.

Tried a few converters with a - zillion - differebt options.
I'd love for some to send me a working MPEG2-PS file that works, then i could anaylise it and see the options of the encode.
Perhaps it's because the video is expected from an SD card recorded on one of their camcorders.

The only other suggestion might be to change the audio in the mpeg to mp2.
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