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mpg2 files and vob

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I have a h2.64 file and a regular mov file that I need to convert to cob to be able to burn a dvd to watch on my dvd player.At work they have video toaster for the Mac and it takes minutes to decode and burn a dvd, I am pc based and I would like to do the same in my personal computer. I tried with anyvideoconverter, it took two hours and it gave mea mpeg2 file, I burned a dvd with thta fie but it does not play on my blu ray player only on my computer. Now I am trying the trial version of AVS video converter with the "TO DVD" output but I am also seeing a MPEG2 file that I don't think it works also. I have done video conversion from regular movies and it is always a video TS folder with VOB files inside. Any software that can do this?


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ConvertXtoDVD will do this but is payware and leaves a watermark in the trial. DVDFlick is free with excellent quality.
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