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recommend a free video converter for 64bit

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I had freemake on my old computer. I loved it, but it doesn't work well at all on my new computer and I was told it's because it's a 32bit program and my new computer is 64 bit.

I'm mainly converting MTS files (AVCHD) to MP4 or AVI

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Was working earlier this year however i just reinstalled it to see & sure enough it now comes up with errors can't even install it,my guess is recent microsoft updates as its not the only 32bit program that previously worked that now doesn't so have been forced to switch to portable versions that don't require .dll to be installed so try & see if there's a portable version,if your really keen too use it take a screenshot of the error to send to the dev team at freemake

take a look thru the software section for alternative freebies

not sure if this one is any good tho it is portable ,oh yeah! a crowd called portable apps might have a few as well

xmedia recode

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Sorry - are you saying you are having trouble with this program too and it's not just with 32 bit systems?

Mine still works well on the other computers I have. I tried installing an old version on my new computer and that also didn't work.
Yes i had it installed in the last 2-3 months as a useful program if i ever needed it ,was working fine last time i used it including imgburn which never gave issues,i've also got a number of other software that were working ok but now have been rendered useless only thing that's happened is updates from microsoft,however i was going thru my portable apps folder just now & a program called fluxee needed to be sorted into a category,so to find out what it did i started it,the dam thing came up error,then i remembered compatibility mode,so right clicked on the executable,run under xp sp2 & now it works,so you may have luck by running as xp or if that fails delete the program restart,run ccleaner registry clean & re-instsall but this time do it in compatibility mode of xp sp2 or sp3 & your programs may work,at this point i'm not going to bother reinstalling freemake so i don't know if compatibility mode will work

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