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What kind of .avi format do Divx DVD players use?

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I have some family videos that I'd like to convert to be able to play on my DVD player. My camera takes .mov video, and I'd like to know what kind of .avi can be played on a Divx DVD player. I don't mind buying paid software. Thanks in advance!
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A standalone wants a maximum resolution of 720x576, MP3 or AC3 audio is ok.
Use the XviD codec.
Try AviDemux (free) for the conversion.
Load/drag the video in and set the left hand as shown.
Use the Video > Filters button and Resize if required.
(my example is resized from 1920x1080 to 640x)
When you save the file, give it a name that includes the extension, e.g. myvideo.avi

I noticed some dvd players hate xvid but play divx fine.i use 4ccchanger to change xvid to divx so they will play takes about 2 seconds to change a file.also noticed my tv which is divx certified hates mp3 (audio on videos) but ac3 works fine.hope the info helps and avidemux seems to work fine for me

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