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Adding Blu-Ray Subtitles - Which method fixes them in position relative to one another


what i mean is that i've taken some srt files and used a few methods (including converting to images) to add the stream to the blu-ray movie using tsmuxer, and during playback the position of the top and bottom lines of text change depending on the height of the characters in the text. ie. where the lower line of text is "are we sinners", there are no high or low letters, so the line of text above that will be lower than normal.

If you are trying to place the two lines of text either side of the lower edge of a 2.35 aspect picture, this means the text sometimes crosses the line.

I'd like to place my two lines of subs in fixed positions (heights (boxes)) above and below the bottom of the picture line (ie. like they are on real Blu-ray discs). Does anyone know an easy way to achieve this?


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