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Best mkv to BluRay converter

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Hello, I have a 16GB mkv file and an srt file that I wish to play on my Sony Bluray player.

can anyone please suggest a program that they have had some success with in converting an mkv file to Bluray disk format?

so far I have tried :Aieesoft Free MKV Conversion (Pro version) which proved a dead loss, so I am going to ask for a refund. Absolutely nothing happened after 2 hours. There was no imndication of progress on the screen, nor any CUDA

Also tried ImToo Blu-ray Creator 2, and AVS Video Converter ver 8, and DVDFab 8 ( Bluray Creator option) all without success. Either nothing happened after 3 hours, or the encoding just stopped

Did have a bit of success with tsMuxerGUI and imgBurn, but the Sony player caused lots of breaking up, but the subtitle was there. Tried it on a friends Panasonic DVR, played smoothly, but no subtitle

I need a subtitle for hearing impairment

Hoping someone can assist
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Have you tried multiAVCHD, then IMGBurn?

With the Bluray obtained using tsMuxerGUI and imgBurn, I put it in the Sony PS3, and it worked perfectly !!!!

But does not work in the Sony Bluray player !!!
I don't know why - your player must be more picky essentially.

Try a disc created using multiAVCHD in your player, perhaps.

RE: Hello, I have a 16GB mkv file and an srt file that I wish to play on my Sony Bluray player.

It's very possible that some of the discs that you used for burning are corrupt.
I have found that multiple files, that I believed to be corrupt (lots of glitches and skipping ) while playing from a burnt disc , were actually excellent files with no glitches and skips when playing from an external hard drive via usb connection to my blu ray player.
Subtitle playback was also difficult on burnt discs compared to watching from an external hard drive.

All of my file playback problems went away when I switched from using blank discs to an external hard drive and usb sticks.

You mentioned that you have a sony blu ray player.
Is it the S380 or S185 series possibly with the usb stick for playing media files...(my questionmark button is not working...)
If you have either player, then any external hard drive or flash player formatted to NTSC (for files above 4 Gb which most blu rays are) will work for most blu ray format file sturctures.
Also, if you have either player, the cheapest method is to try using an 8 Gb usb stick with the blu ray file encoded with the subtitles and see what happens with the playback of the subtitles.

Ripbot or mkvmerge can add subtitles for any and all files as needed.

Hope this helps a bit.

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