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Cant Play my Movie??

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Ok first off let me be clear. I DONT pirate the movies. I already got in trouble for that a long time ago LOL. anyways, i Do rip my Blu-Rays for streaming and just because its simpler than putting a disc in every time (lazy) not to mention all my disc are like brand new. anyways, I dont have a 1080p tv so quality isnt a factor for me with h.264 rips. But For the first time, Im having a problem. I usually use makeMKV and use a guide on life hacker (sorry wont let me post the link) Ive never had a problem but I just did the movie Premium Rush, and i Get a Cinavia Warning on my PS3. I dont really know what, if anything i can do about it. I read somewhere i can change the audio format, but i expect to get what i paid for (the irony) ..anyways.. any know what i can do to fix it. Im not doing anything illegal, so i dont understand why i cant watch my own property. its quite annoying.
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the cinivia warning means your ps3 thinks your playing a pirated movie (i havn't had the warning on mine yet).there has been talk over the forums last few days of how to get around it,(think changing audio was 1 of them).
do a search and you will find an answer.

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i did quite a bit of reading on it. it seems like its been an issue for a while. i think dvdfab gets rid of it, so im going to try using that instead and see what happens.

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The only real way to get around Cinavia is to obtain the audio from a non-cinavia release. As a general rule its only English audio that has cinavia but the DVD audio seems to be cinavia free for almost every release. Theres literally only half a dozen DVD releases with cinavia so that may be a solution. Not that its fair you cant have a personal copy without being treated as a criminal though...
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