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has anyone else experienced problems with this program? I used it succuessfully until the update, so i am wondering why I continue to get an error message during the reading process. I tried a movie that i already backed up successfully before the update and I get a reading error message still, I thought it may be my drive, but i was able to successfully read a movie with another program. i am wondering if something in the settings needs to be adjusted or something. I'm lost as of what to do right now so any help would be greatly appreciated. attached is the recent log file:

1m 51.11s: opening drive G
1m 51.12s: opened i/o
1m 51.14s: got media type 15
1m 51.67s: got max lba 19748479
1m 52.72s: got disc type 20
1m 52.72s: type Blu-ray BDMV
1m 52.73s: volume label LAWLESS
1m 52.75s: internal path G:/BDMV/
1m 52.76s: aacs 1 bd+ 0
2m 01.64s: Java protection is removed by StealthyClone anti-protection.
2m 01.83s: got discinfo
2m 02.14s: got bdmv
2m 02.17s: Vendor: PIONEER
2m 02.17s: Product: BD-RW BDR-XD04
2m 02.18s: Revision: 1.20
2m 02.18s: Vendor specific: 12/03/21 PIONEER
2m 02.18s: AACS version: 1
2m 02.18s: Number of concurrent AGIDs: 1
2m 02.18s: Supports bus encryption: YES
2m 02.18s: Supports binding nonce generation: YES
2m 02.18s: Supports Hybrid discs: NO
2m 02.22s: got agid 0
2m 02.29s: sent host cert chal
2m 02.33s: got drive cert chal
2m 02.33s: BEC 1
2m 02.34s: DRIVE_VENDOR 0x0067
2m 02.40s: got drive key
2m 03.45s: got host key signature
2m 03.45s: verified drive signature
2m 03.45s: verified host signature
2m 03.53s: sent host signature and key point
2m 03.53s: got bus key
2m 03.59s: got agid 0
2m 03.68s: sent host cert chal
2m 03.74s: got drive cert chal
2m 03.74s: BEC 1
2m 03.74s: DRIVE_VENDOR 0x0067
2m 03.81s: got drive key
2m 03.81s: got host key signature
2m 03.81s: verified drive signature
2m 03.81s: verified host signature
2m 03.87s: sent host signature and key point
2m 03.87s: got bus key
2m 03.89s: got volume id
2m 03.89s: got volume id mac
2m 03.89s: volume id is correct
2m 03.90s: got vid
2m 04.10s: blu-ray ACA470F94728DBD0F0ADEC06E8FD2696B0035234
2m 05.32s: cert BEE=0x00 same
2m 06.60s: D 310DD9A8
2m 06.60s: got vuk
2m 06.66s: got agid 0
2m 06.76s: sent host cert chal
2m 06.79s: got drive cert chal
2m 06.79s: BEC 1
2m 06.79s: DRIVE_VENDOR 0x0067
2m 06.85s: got drive key
2m 06.85s: got host key signature
2m 06.85s: verified drive signature
2m 06.85s: verified host signature
2m 06.91s: sent host signature and key point
2m 06.93s: got bus key
2m 06.94s: got data key
2m 06.99s: got unit key 1
2m 38.75s: got extended bdinfo
2m 38.75s: opened blu-ray
10m 08.88s: Blu-ray Copy: Main Movie
10m 08.88s: Source: G:/BDMV/
10m 08.88s: Playlist: 2
10m 08.88s: Chapters: 1 -> 19
10m 08.88s: TotalSize: 29121 MB
10m 08.90s: SourceSize: 29076 MB
10m 08.90s: RemoveHDAudio: 0
10m 08.90s: CompressToAC3: 0
10m 08.90s: OutputSize: 23000 MB
10m 08.91s: OutputDisc: BDMV
10m 08.91s: OutputTarget: BD25
10m 08.91s: OutputVideo: 1080p/i
10m 08.93s: info: enable bd copy(mode=0)
10m 08.94s: info: video encode mode(0), bitrate(21944), lr-encode(yes)
10m 08.94s: info: streams(4113.2)
10m 08.94s: info: blu-ray copy begin (unit[elem[atomic[00002.m2ts]]])
10m 08.94s: Lightning-Recoding (accelerate H.264 software decoding and encoding) enabled
10m 08.96s: info: enable multi-thread software decoder
10m 10.05s: info: h264_encode: encode param profile(2) level(41) bitrate(21944)
10m 14.11s: info: processing source(00002.m2ts)
53m 53.77s: read error: 11 17280 10717631 4487232 2
60m 48.41s: read error: 11 17280 10717631 4489344 2
61m 52.33s: read error: 11 17280 10717631 4489344 2
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