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Make MT2S files playable on my OPPO BDP-83...

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Hello all!

I have been backing up my own commercial Blu-rays (that I already own) for quite a while now; normally I use a combination or either ANYDVD or DVDFAB, etc. Usually I simply will back up my movie on a BD-25 and in the past I have used the DVDFAB function 'Blu-ray to DVD' to burn the extras that I want to a DVD5. BUT... since I have an embarrassingly OLD PC with a single core AMD, these things usually take overnight, which for the full feature is fine with me, but there MUST be a faster, easier way to make the extras playable so that I don't have to take TWO FULL overnights just to get both the feature AND the extras...

I was HOPING that since I can use DVDFAB to rip the M2TS files directly from the extras, AND it only takes a few minutes, it sure would be GREAT if there was a VERY simple and easy way to make these resulting M2TS files play on my OPPO, which it normally CANNOT play directly.

YES, I have tried MultiAVCHD and I'm sure it is a lovely program, BUT it just does NOT work when I go to play back the resulting disc in my OPPO. It recognizes it as an AVCHD disc, but when it goes to the 'Top Menu' it just stops and that's it. And I've tried this numerous times. And again, the re-rendering takes a REALLY long time.

What I would LIKE to be able to do would be just to find SOME way to take the raw M2TS files and simply make them playable in some EASY, fast way (I hope) on my OPPO. I've tried running the M2TS files through MKVMerge since my OPPO does indeed play MKV files, but sometimes they play okay if they are in SD and sometimes if the extras are in HD they seem to play, but I cannot see anything. I was HOPING that placing the M2TS files in the MKV containers would do the trick, but for some reason it does not usually work.

In almost all cases I will be burning these extras to either DVD5s or DVD9s. Is there a way I can simply trick my OPPO into playing the M2TS files by just placing them in the proper AVCHD folder structure, since my OPPO does play them? In other words can I just make a folder called 'AVCHD' and put the M2TS file(s) in it (or use multiple AVCHD folders - at this point, I do not CARE if they just play sequentially without any menus, as long as they just PLAY!) and can I create a blank 'CERTIFICATE' folder and then just somehow burn them using IMGBurn and then will it play on my OPPO?

I figure that since my OPPO does indeed end up playing the actual M2TS files WITHIN the usual 'BDMV' / 'CERTIFICATE' format on Blu-rays anyway, there MUST be some easy direct way to place the M2TS files into SOME kind of structure or folders where the player will recognize and play them, right...???

Is there ANY way possible to do this simply WITHOUT any kind of software or rendering that needs to take place, just to make the dang M2TS files play?!!

Again, this is specifically for my ripping ONLY the extras off of my own Blu-rays and backing them up on DVD and I want them to be PLAYABLE on my OPPO WITHOUT having to put my poor, OLD single core CPU through a whole night of re-encoding.


___L@the of Heaven
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Blu-ray ripping isn't something I'm particularly familiar with.

I take it you're burning the extras as data to the DVDs and playing the files off the disc, not converting them to DVD compliant and burning? You mentioned SD briefly so I wasn't sure. Are you wanting retain HD quality for the extras etc? Have you tried mp4?

Best bet is to cross-post this at VideoHelp where you'll likely get some more informed answers.

Thank you for taking the time to reply!

Actually, I stumbled upon another discussion where someone mentioned (and reminded me of) TSMuxer! So I went back and revisited that program and I saw how using it I could easily take an M2TS file and 'mux' it to yield a compliant AVCHD folder which I could then burn using IMGBurn and create a fully playable disc for my OPPO! I tried at first with just one M2TS file from the 2 extras; I burned the resulting AVCHD folder and FINALLY it played properly! Well, then I tried simply 'adding' the other M2TS file from the extras running the same exact process, BUT this time after my player showed that it was indeed an AVCHD disc, it promptly froze up and would not play! And that was the ONLY difference this time. Sooooo, I looked carefully at the TSMuxer interface and I saw in the input pane where I had simply 'added' the 2nd M2TS file that there was a 'join' button. So, this time I 'joined' the 2nd file which in this case 'appended' it or added it together with the first file and made it one big (7.8 Gig) file. And the GREAT news is that it only took about 6 minutes!!! I KNEW that it was just a matter of figuring out how to structure the M2TS files in the right configuration to get them to play; fortunately, I kinda stumbled upon the answer, THANKFULLY!

THIS time FINALLY my player played it just fine and I could forward to the next 5 minute chapter until I got to where the next extra had been added. So, it's not exact by any means, and the two extras are in one joined file so I cannot choose which one to view, but at least I now CAN at least see them as one long file which I CAN step through, which is good enough! :)

Now, I THINK I remember reading somewhere where you can have multiple AVCHD folders on the disc and I THINK I read that you will then be able to choose the files individually, but I haven't tried this yet and I don't know if it would work. But, as long as I can get all the extras to bloody PLAY, I am happy! :)

Thanks again!

___L@the of Heaven
Glad you happened upon a solution, playing around with things yourself is often the best way!

Like I said, even if you don't ask yourself, the guides and info you will find on the subject at VideoHelp will be more comprehensive so check it out if you haven't already.

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