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which would be best?

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I current am running Anydvd and BDrebuilder have enjoyed it but I'm trying to decided whether it's time to switch to DVDfab blu ray and if I do do I need the DVD passkey?


1) save my money and stay with Anydvd and BDrebuilder.

2) purchase Dvdfab blu ray copy.

3) purchase DVDfab blu ray and makes sure I get e dvd passkey.

Any help would be appreciated as I haven't used DVDfab very much but occassionally run into the x264 message when using the other no matter how many times I get the latest x264.
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You'll really made my choice easier.
Dont know anything about BDrebuilder.
DVDFab Blu-Ray works fab.
There's separate modules you can purchase. Blu-Ray is one of them.
Yes, pay for the passkey....
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Thanks Jeff. If you buy the year does your software expire or are you just limited to not being able upgrade to the newer versions?
I think you have to renew yearly or purchase a lifetime sub.
When the year is up you will get a nag screen saying time has expired.
If an upgrade becomes available, it's part of the subscription fee. So no added fee for upgrades.

Although it is more cost effective I'm not very comfortable about buying a lifer.

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Perfect, you've been a big help. I'd rather not spend the money but I don't see where anydvd can do the job of dvdfab so I'll be looking at lifetime since I hate renewing software.

Thanks again Jeff.
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No prob.

When you first set up DVDFab you have to select the correct burning engine.
It's too easy to burn Blu-Ray coasters.
Go here first:
Scroll down to StormJumper.
You can't beat the step-by-step help files.
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