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BGA Rework Station for repairing Xbox 360

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Hey Guys Great forum , im about to start repairing xboxes and i have loads of info already down from this place including the error codes , ive set budget to buy a reball pack and a bga rework station , im thinking i want hot air and ir for boths benefits , im thinking bauer as one or two of my mates online have and always recommend this to me but ive not seen it work in real life , does anyone here have one ?

also do you guys recommend amtech or kingbo flux for reworking xboxes ?
only going to reflowing at first but will start reballing once ive found my feet

thanks very much in advance
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from somebody that has been doing this for years, its not worth the time and money anymore to reball, its hard work and takes a lot of time, you should really think it through really good before you invest the money!
I say if you can do enough xbox's to get your money back then you have a free reflow station at the least. Then you can start working on those shitty HP laptops that need their video chips reballed. People charge $100 for that!
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