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How to fix Xbox 360 which doesnt power on

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Last year october my xbox 360 worked fine but then i didnt play it for about 2 weeks and when i tried it now it did not turn on.... the power supply has an orange light , but when i try to on the xbox by the on button or the eject button it doesnt turn on, no lights on the xbox .... and the power supply light is still orange.... i checked my usb ports but i didnt seem to find any problems there.... tried another power supply but still didnt work......

then i gave up fixing it for about 1 year and now i really want to fix it again to play Halo 4 ..... is there any chance i can fix my xbox ever???

or is it gone forever? my warranty has expired and my xbox is flashed... Please help me quick

by the way my xbox is a 2008 xbox 360 pro ( the white one)
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Assuming you've reseated all connections & tried another power outlet directly to power brick & not going thru a power board,one can assume either faulty power brick or issue with xbox see if you know someone who has a power brick to loan may as well start with the easy bit first,obviously it'll need to be the correct wattage

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+12 and +-5v fuses.. inside.. near the power connector pads on mainboard.. haven't seen inside a 2008 model, the first series they were round black buttons with silver numbering 5 and 12 xxxx (memory screams 5s-v2xxx on the 5v ones.. dead simple to find.. first thing in line with the voltage rails..) on the tops.. they should show no resistance if tested. I would hazard a guess at the +12 being the culprit as all the lights are powered from that line, but any one missing will stop it starting up.. chances are if you investigate in that area you will find a cap or a regulator/stabilizer blown/burned.. these fuses don't usually fail for no reason unless somebody has been poking around inside with power applied.

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Im dont have much knowledge about tech electrical stuff , but if i give it to a pro will he able to fix it?
Originally posted by daksithj:
Im dont have much knowledge about tech electrical stuff , but if i give it to a pro will he able to fix it?
Is it still worth getting fixed? You might try getting a unit on ebay with a defective drive, depending on yours get a LiteOn or a BenQ, with that date those drives were the only ones used. You might only have to switch the lasers, which is easy, or flash your working drive with the key from the defective one. Way easier and probably way cheaper than searching for the blown fuse.

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did you try turning it on by using the eject button? there is a good possibility that the power board is dead!
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