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Hi all, can u watch a blu ray from a usb pen ? tried a normal dvd rip on fat32 format and it worked fine, tried to put a 9gig bluray on to pen and it would not do it so had to change format to ntfs, now the usb pen is not evan reconised on the xbox,
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FAT32 is the only way you're going to get the 360 to recognize a storage device. I don't see why you even have to change your USB stick to the NTFS format. Try ripping your blu-ray movie straight to your PC first since your HDD will most likely be the NTFS format. Then after it is done, move your movie file to your USB stick.
thanks for reply, the brays are dloads, when trying to put the bray on to stick in fat32 format it says theres not enough space evan though the stick is 16g and film is 9
Oh, I understand completely now. Yes, the FAT32 format will not allow a file to be bigger than 8GB. The only thing I can suggest for you is to get a program that will allow you to crop (cut in a sense) your movie file into 2 pieces. That way you can still keep your movie at the quality you want and still be able to put them also on a FAT32 format stick. The only other route I can think of is for you to stream your movie to your 360 from a PC.
u meant no bigger than 4gb on disc

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what file is the movie? at 9 gig i would say its not a bluray but probably an mkv, either way the xbox (as far as i am aware) does not support either formats, it supports avis and mp4 i think, not sure which audio codecs
Yes Mr Scorp, you are correct.
I just run a BR rip through a laptop installed with TVersity or PS3 media server either wireless or via Ethernet.Yes i did say PS3 media server strange as it sounds,but it will play mkv's straight from the laptop via the hub and to the xbox.You just have to make sure you have the right codecs which you can download as a package and you have a decent enough bandwidth to cope with the compression format.Sometimes the movie will play fine but others you may find the audio will get out of sync however tweaking the buffer settings will help somewhat.
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