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Which next-gen console are you going to buy?

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Disclaimer: I don't want to start some kindergarden rivalry like "I am going to buy an Xbox One because it's better" or "I am going to buy a PS4 because Xbox One sucks". None of the boxes have been released so far. All I want to know is in what direction you tend to go so far, Xbox One or PS4?

OK: Here's mine:
I am going to buy a PS4. So far I am a die-hard Halo fan and once said that even if Halo 4 had been the only good game on Xbox 360 I would have still bought that box. But Microsoft just drove me away from buying an Xbox One. Having to go online atleast every 24 hours is annoying, for example what if I move and wait for my internet connection to be activated, and that takes a week? I cannot play. Annoying, but not that big of a deal (my Xbox 360 is online most of the times aswell). The entire DRM thing they are trying to implant on their boxes, no more renting games, no more swapping exept at authorized dealers and only if I pay for that? A no-go. You cannot trade in games you have played through at Gamestop anymore or sell them at ebay. Also you have to install every game to your harddrive, which is 500 GB and cannot be exchanged. Integrated Kinect and a cam that collects personal informations about the user (I read about facial expressions when watching TV, for example to check the reactions to different TV spots and some even nastier things)? Sure, I am going to integrate a surveillance cam into my living room Microsoft can use for target marketing (which I think they already announced). I am just waiting for the first pedofile to hack into one of these cams and spy on some kids in their bedrooms. Also the Xbox One is going to cost about 100 Euros more than the PS4.
The PS4 has some negative aspects too, like no more free online gaming, you have to use PSN+ for that, which is no big deal for me, because Microsoft has had this for quite some time now and with PSN+ you get a lot of free stuff (games, add-ons...). Also the Xbox One has some features the PS4 is missing (no cam, so for PSMove you have to buy a 50 Euro cam, for example, but this one isn't integrated, so you can just remove it). I am not sure if I preorder though, maybe I'll wait until amazon puts up some nice bundles.

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Neither, i'm going to switch to computer gaming pretty much decided that when the 360 controller could be used with the pc since i'm hopeless with the KB & Mouse unless it's a game like myst which only requires a mouse,like you know old school :p,another reason for the switch is the cost vs the limits of consoles i.e hdd sizes including externals,no support for movie containers,you know basically the all round ability of pc's have,over consoles in playing games,movies & music & being able to store said stuff in the unit,the 360 was supposed to be the centre piece of the entertainment in the house or so ms said it would,how disappointing that was,now the xbox one is supposed be,yeah right !, the only console that came close was the original xbox,what a fantastic piece of hardware that became once chipped,then ms got smart & switched from pc hardware to proprietary the rest is history,another major reason to switch is games themselves,to play newer versions you need to spend how much on a console then keep getting every other newer console afterwards,cheaper to replace the g/card as it's unnecessary to spend thousands on the latest & greatest pc hardware,even the lowest of the low end 2nd hand comp that's 4 y/o does it better than a console can & that's just the graphics,nup i'll get two more brand new 360 jasper jtags & that'll be my lot for consoles

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ps4 for me i don't care for halo... maybe forza 5 but meh.... plus the whole offline thing so its easy to pick :D most of the games from ps4/xbox one will come to pc so if the few i want come to pc.... i might even delay the purchase of ps4 ^_^

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for sure i'll buy the ps4, i'm ashamed to admit that but admitting is the first step to recovery! LOL
I think I'll preorder, just found a really nice offer on gamestop Germany:
Trade in your Xbox 360 slim 160+ and three games (any games) and get the PS4 for 229 Euros instead of 399. I have Prince of Persia, Lair and Enchanted Arms laying around here (bought them at ebay as a package for 1 Euro a few weeks ago), so I think I'll take that deal. I also have Guitar Hero Aerosmith, Viva Pinata 2 for Xbox 360 and BlazBlue here, so I am realy not sure which games to trade in and which to keep.

Xbox 360: Slim untouched with a faked 320 GB harddrive for XBL, phat with LT 3.0, played Halo early, so going on live would be an instand ban, also with a faked 320 GB harddrive
PS3: Untouched 160 GB Slim, 60 GB Fat with latest Rogero and 160 GB internal harddrive.
PSVita: hardly ever play it
GameCube: Black with a Viper chip installed. With gameboy player. Trying to get a Wavebird controller.
Should be interesting to see what the modding crowd do to get around any restrictions on both newer consoles

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Well I love the xbox 360 and halo but with all the news on xbox locking pre-own games , creepy sal I mean kinect 2 watching you at all times(conspiracy to get camera in homes) and the price tag compared to sony has in deed scared me away.

I have 3 options left which are the following.
Wii-U (Nintendo games are very fun to me, got all the Nintendo consoles expect snes).
PS3 (ps2 was the best system I ever had)
PC (nice graphics)

Well first of all PC is out the question for me because I have a lot of group play on local and LAN network with my 2 xbox 360's, i can't really do this on PC's. Pc's also have poor joy-pad support.

Wii-U , well the Wii is great fun in my group and honesty we have group played on the Wii a lot more then the xbox 360. Super smash bros is one of our favorites.

Ps4 , if it gets good games clones like gears of wars and halo then I could consider it.

So its between wii-u and ps4 now for me, I have not yet decided.
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Shame there is no emulator or backward compatibility for xbox360 games on the ONE.I have multiple xbox360 consoles running and cannot really justify buying 2 new consoles.They did say some(not all) games will be still available for the xbox360 over the coming 12 months.I will be making the most of my flashed consoles until i get bored of the same old games.Price point for both consoles will not go down and will inevitably follow the same trend where you can be waiting some time before you see a drop in price.The usual way it goes is they start adding a couple of games as a bundle and keep the original price set.I used to be a die hard PC gamer but the cost of upgrading components over the years with new engines been developed i couldn't keep up with the cost.As for the which console i would no doubt buy at some stage having bought Microsoft products since i was 15 i like the familiarity,but with the used games policy,price and the privacy issues it does bare awareness.Ive never bought a ps1/2 or 3 and it would be interesting to see what pans out and support game developers give the ps4.I would have to get used to a new look,controller and game titles if i chose a PS4.
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