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I Need Help With A Problem

Hi everyone,

Ok so last night i was playing my ps3 just fine an today i wake up an turn it on an get ready to play.....THINK disc was in but it wasnt registering that it was on my ps minu so i tried to eject the disc....SIKE my ps3 basically said F U....i took it apart a million times to clean it but never have i had this problem and ive had it sence the day the ps3's first came out but when i take apart the disc drive there was a plastic peg sticking up were my disc goes in so i messed with the gears ans at first they were hard to turn but i unscwered the motor an they turned just fine and like guy said the motor spins fine by hand so i turned the gears untill the peg went down an my laser tray looked right so i put it back together an turned it on by inserting a turned on just fine but wont pull my disk in the blue light flashes as it should but nothing happens...idk how many times ive taken it apart an put it back together in the last 3 hours im just looking for help if there is anyone who can help me of give me some advice feel free to email or text me... Email: Cell: 816-701-9454 please if you dont kno what you are talking about dont waist me time
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